Democrats Prove Yet Again How Much They Despise Unborn Children

A judge appointed by former Democrat President Barack Obama issued an order on Wednesday which allows for the murder of unborn children – blocking Texas’ new pro-life law.

“A person’s right under the Constitution to choose to obtain an abortion prior to fetal viability is well established. Fully aware that depriving its citizens of this right by direct state action would be flagrantly unconstitutional, the State contrived an unprecedented and transparent statutory scheme to do just that,” U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman claimed in the 113-page ruling.

“The State created a private cause of action by which individuals with no personal interest in, or connection to, a person seeking an abortion would be incentivized to use the state’s judicial system, judges, and court officials to interfere with the right to an abortion.”

Pitman further claimed that from the moment that the law went into effect, “women have been unlawfully prevented from exercising control over their lives in ways that are protected by the Constitution,” adding, “this Court will not sanction one more day of this offensive deprivation of such an important right.”

The Texas law which Pitman blocked prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, usually around six weeks. Rather than having the state enforce the ban, the law creates a private right of action against individuals who commit or aid and abet an abortion that violates the law – but not against the woman who undergoes the procedure.

Leftist Attorney General Merrick Garland celebrated the move, praising Pitman for blocking the pro-life law, claiming that it was a victory for the rule of law.

“Today’s ruling enjoining the Texas law is a victory for women in Texas and for the rule of law,” Garland said. “It is the foremost responsibility of the Department of Justice to defend the Constitution. We will continue to protect constitutional rights against all who would seek to undermine them.”

Pitman was confirmed to a lifetime position in San Antonio under the Western District of Texas back in 2014. “Pitman, who took office as the top prosecutor for the district in October 2011, was nominated by President Obama in June and was among three Texas judges approved by a voice vote late Tuesday,” The Statesman reported. “He is the first openly gay U.S. attorney to serve Texas. He is now the state’s first openly gay judge.”

The law, which was signed by the state’s Republican governor in May, came under heavy fire after the Democrats and their partners in the media launched a full-force attack against it – attempting to depict the Republicans who played a role in passing it as evil, simply for preventing the murder of an unborn child.

This judge’s ruling should come as nor surprise, however, giving that the man who appointed him is part of the radical leftists’ push for on-demand abortions.

Author: Michael Murray