Biden Tells a Bald-Faced Lie — Crosses His Fingers That Everyone Will Believe It

When Joe Biden entered office, many predicted the end of COVID right away. No president wants to deal with a pandemic and after the cheating and stealing of the 2020 election, it was highly unlikely that Biden would let the pandemic continue.

However, he didn’t predict the rise of variants and the reluctance many Americans have over widespread, undertested vaccines (even though he pushed vaccine skepticism during Trump’s presidency.)

On Wednesday, Biden hoped relief was coming for Americans still suffering from the coronavirus pandemic, even as the country passed a grim milestone for deaths from the virus in 2021.

“God willing, I think we’re just about to turn the corner again on the pandemic,” Biden said.

Biden spoke about the pandemic as more than 353,000 coronavirus deaths have been reported since January 1, 2020, according to data from Johns Hopkins University, which is more than the 352,000 deaths in 2020.

The news breaks as fewer Americans trust Biden’s leadership on the pandemic than when he first took office.

A poll released on Wednesday shows that only 43% of Americans say that Biden’s handling of the coronavirus is excellent or good. The majority of Americans, 52%, say Biden’s handling of the pandemic is either poor or fair.

The poll was conducted between Oct. 2-4 among a sample of 1998 registered voters.

Biden spent most of 2020 criticizing then-President Donald Trump’s handling of the pandemic, promising to do a better job protecting Americans from the virus.

He repeatedly mocked Trump’s claim that the country was “turning the corner” in the war against the virus.

“We’re not learning to live with it. We’re learning to die with it,” Biden said.

After he took office, Biden repeatedly promised to “follow the science” and lead the nation out of the pandemic as he worked to distribute the newly approved coronavirus vaccines across the country.

By July 4th, Biden shared his optimistic view that the worst of the pandemic was behind him.

The spread of the Delta variant of the coronavirus, however, led to rising death tolls again, prompting the Centers for Disease Controls to reinstate masking and social distancing guidance.

Biden continues struggling to get the country fully vaccinated, announcing in September a plan to make businesses with fewer than 100 employees issue vaccine mandates for their workers.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney