Democrats Hysterical As Trump’s Popularity Skyrockets

The American people are clamoring for Donald Trump.

Many reminisce about his policies that brought on economic success, freedom from bureaucracy and censorship, a safe and secure border, and a projection of strength amongst world leaders in the international community.

As Biden’s failures continue to mount, there’s a need and a desire to return to an era where safety and security – not leftism and weakness – are top priorities of the White House.

As it stands, polls from every battleground state have placed Donald Trump at the top of the pack amongst a sea of Republican candidates. This is a clear indication that Americans are ready to return to his policies and away from the crazed radical policies we see today.

Former President Donald Trump’s favorability rating in Iowa has reached an all-time high, according to reports this week.

According to an Iowa Poll, 53% of Iowans have a favorable view of Trump and 45% have an unfavorable view. Two percent of those polled are not sure how they feel about the former president.

The poll reportedly marks his highest rating in the state since January of 2018. Before his current results, the percentage of all Iowans who viewed him favorably topped at 50% in March of 2020, which was earlier in the pandemic.

The survey results were not as positive for President Joe Biden, who scored his lowest marks among Iowans since polling began, according to the report.

At a time when Iowans’ favorable feelings for Trump have reached new heights, favorable feelings toward Trump’s 2020 and potentially 2024 election opponent, Joe Biden, have reached new lows.

“37% of Iowans have favorable feelings toward the president, and 61% have unfavorable feelings, his worst marks in seven Iowa Polls dating to 2012.”

Iowa Republicans’ view of Trump has not notably changed since his time in office, and the “vast majority” still have a favorable view of him.91%of Republicans in the Hawkeye State have a favorable view of him and 7% have an unfavorable view. Two percent are undecided.

Those marks put Trump in league with Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds, who is viewed favorably by 90% of Iowa Republicans. And it surpasses Republican U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley, who is viewed favorably by 81% of Iowans, according to the report.

Among independents, 48% view Trump favorably and 49% do not — 3 percent are undecided.

The Register’s poll results come just as Trump is set to return to Iowa on Saturday to hold a rally at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines. According to the publication, it will be the first time he has returned to the state since the 2020 election.