Biden Can No Longer Ignore America’s Hatred For Him

You would think his handlers would shield him from all of the backlash, but apparently the sheer level of hatred most Americans feel for Joe Biden can no longer be ignored.

The endless “F*** Joe Biden” chants aren’t just coming from Trump supporters any longer; most Americans have a reflexive feeling of disgust after all of Sleepy Joe’s failures.

However, an anti-Biden campaign this week overwhelmed the cognitively deficient president as he tours the country in an attempt to convince Americans to support his radical spending agenda.

Biden actually responded to supporters of former President Donald Trump who welcomed the president to Michigan with anti-Biden signs.

Biden reacted to a crowd of Trump supporters who flew signs that read “Fuck Joe Biden,” “Trump won,” and even a “Let’s Go Brandon!” sign from the viral meme over the weekend.

The hilarious meme took off when a Fake News reporter attempted to do damage control during an interview with a NASCAR driver.

During the interview, viewers can easily hear the anti-Biden crowd erupt in the usual “F**** Joe Biden” chant. Panicked, the reporter said on-air the crowd was in fact cheering “Let’s Go Brandon!”

“We don’t want ya,” one man shouted as Biden’s motorcade drove by. “Get out of here.”

Biden made a pointed remark in reaction to the signs, reminding Trump supporters that he won the 2020 election.

True, but if you win by cheating is it really a victory worth celebrating?

“Notwithstanding some of the signs I saw coming in, that’s why 81 million Americans voted for me. The largest number of votes in American history, a clear majority are supporting, when they supported me,” Biden said.

He argued that Americans voted for him because they supported his multi-trillion-dollar spending proposals, such as the massive entitlement spending bill currently stalled in Congress.

Afterward, Biden claimed the signs only energized him, when asked by reporters for his reaction.

Oh, poor Joe. He is delusional enough to think Americans actually support his disastrous policies.