GOP Senator Reveals Who’s Really Calling The Shots In Washington Right Now

President Joe Biden was exposed on Sunday, with Republican Sen. John Barrasso revealing who is really calling the shots despite Biden being the face of the government.

Barrasso revealed during an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” that Biden falsely ran as a competent centrist and that he has turned over control of his party to its dangerous far-left-wing.

Barrasso said that Biden lost “a lot of political muscle” over the Afghanistan debacle, which he suggested had an impact on the administration trying to get the infrastructure and reconciliation bill passed.

“Now we’re at a point where the president is weak, and really Bernie Sanders, the far-left Democrats are driving the bus and Joe Biden is just along for the ride,” Barrasso said.

When asked by anchor Chris Wallace if Republicans were “thoroughly enjoying” watching Democrats fight amongst themselves, Barrasso responded, “Well, I’ll tell you, you know, the thing is, Joe Biden ran as a centrist and as competent.”

“And what we’re seeing is that he is neither,” he said. “And people across the country are feeling less safe with Joe Biden as president. Their paychecks are less safe because of the inflation. When you look at hundreds of thousands of people illegally coming to the country every month, they feel less safe.”

“When the generals testify, as they did, that we are less safe to terrorism. Joe Biden has now walked the plank for the socialist Bernie Sanders budget,” he added. “He’s man overboard and he can’t swim. He is sinking and he’s sunk.”

Barrasso is certainly not wrong in his assessment of the president and his party. It’s become quite evident that radical leftists like AOC and her gaggle of young progressives who share a similar ideology have taken control of the party.

Leftist media outlets are helping with that transfer of power as well, throwing subtle jabs at “moderate” Democrats while praising extremists like AOC no matter how clueless they prove themselves to be.

Ocasio-Cortez, meanwhile, said during a CBS News interview on Sunday that the only problem with Democrats’ $3.5 trillion social spending bill is that people keeping talking about how expensive it is.

“The head of your caucus, the progressive caucus, was on another network this morning and Rep. Jayapal said $1.5 trillion is just too small,” host Margaret Brennan said. “That’s the number that Senate moderates, Joe Manchin in particular, want to get down to. President Biden, according to our reporting from Ed O’Keefe, our correspondent, says you’re going to have to settle for about $2 trillion. Is that an acceptable ceiling for you?”

“So here’s where I think the problem is,” AOC responded. “It’s that when we talk about top line numbers, there’s a lot that is hidden in that discussion. And so the reason why this conversation shouldn’t be about numbers, but it should be about what substantive programs are willing to be excluded..”

AOC later added that Democrats are being handcuffed by moderate Dems who refuse to enable them to pass radical new programs. ”The fact is that we do have to compromise with the fact that we have Sens. Manchin and Sinema, who refuse to support certain programs for working families.”

Author: Lance Samuels