Crazed Left-Wing Activists Won’t Leave Moderate Dems Alone

American liberalism is in a state of utter despair.

They are an embarrassment and should really reconsider their tactics if they hope to get more people on their side. What they’re doing now is alienating the American people away from their message and frankly dabbling in evil.

Protesters in kayaks on Friday demanded a meeting with Democratic West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin because he refused to back the $3.5 trillion spending bill.

Using a megaphone, one of the protestors shouted, “Senator, this is an investment. This is not giving out money. This is not spending! This is investing and this is building the state that we both love. That’s why we’re both here fighting for our people because we love West Virginia and we believe in our state! We need you to stand with us!”

Manchin remained respectful, which shows just how tenacious he is (even for a Democrat.)

“I appreciate that and I respect that, you know,” Manchin added.

Arizona Senator Krysten Sinema or Arizona experienced similar harassment when she was cornered in a bathroom stall at the University of Arizona, where she teaches.

The protestors continued despite Sen. Manchin asking them to disperse. One of the protesters asked if she could set up a time to meet with the senator on Friday or Saturday, threatening to keep showing up in boats if such a meeting was not granted.

After the protesters said they could not get into the building, Manchin said to call his office. After the protesters said they have his phone number and already tried calling, he said he would talk to his scheduler.

Despite his gentlemanliness, Manchin is making a huge mistake giving these crazed radicals even one inch to voice their “concerns.” They should should be shut down completely and not allowed to proceed in such a vile and disturbing way.

This just goes to show that Democrats, liberals, and the activists that support them have devolved into a state of embarrassing chaos, hysterical partisanship, and ‘woke’ lunacy.