Biden’s Hopes Of Flipping Key Red State Crumble

It’s hilarious to imagine Joe Biden and the Democrats flipping the state of Texas to their side. Their entire agenda is total domination so it comes as no surprise, but with the recent failures of his administration, there is no way the Democrats make any strides in the Lone Star State.

President Joe Biden’s job approval rating in Texas took a steep downturn by a net 24 points, according to a poll released this week.

The poll, conducted September 24–27 among 863 registered Texas voters, found that 32% approve of Biden’s job handling, while 61% disapprove.

The same Texas poll was last taken in June, and that one found 45% approved of Biden’s job handling, while 50% disapproved, which means that since June, approval of the president has fallen a net 24 points.

Broken down by issue, the president’s approval ratings in September on both coronavirus and border policy plummeted, a net 26 points and a net 16 points, respectively. While the coronavirus question saw the greater drop, Biden’s approval rating on the border question is far lower, sitting at 20% approval versus 71% disapproval.

The ongoing southern border crisis has the greatest direct impact on Texas — the state with the longest shared border with Mexico — and Biden’s dramatic ratings drop coincides with a new element to the crisis entering the spotlight in early September — a swell of Haitian illegal migrants flooding Del Rio, Texas.

  • 78% of independent voters disapprove of Biden’s border policies, while just 13% support those policies.
  • Only 26% of Texas Hispanics support those policies, while 66% disapprove.
  • Only 33 %of blacks support his border policies, the poll said.
  • Biden’s border policies have only 52 % support from Democrats.

A majority, or 57%, of those polled also said they support deportation of the Haitian illegal migrants.

The low approval rating among Hispanic voters is similar to that of a recent local poll conducted September 7–14, which found 35% of Hispanic voters in Texas approved of Biden’s job handling, while 54% disapproved.

Without the support of Latin American voters, the Democrats can kiss their chances of success goodbye.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney