Censored: They Won’t Let Joe Rogan Get Away With This

Podcasts are the last frontier for honest media.

Every other form of broadcasting or publishing has been completely overrun by liberals and consequently censored of any content that dares to challenge the Left. Even conservative media outlets often kowtow to mainstream liberalism, which we’ve seen in the downfall of Fox News.

Joe Rogan has his finger on the pulse of America.

Not necessarily a conservative or Republican, Rogan is not swayed by petty partisan politics. He calls it like he sees it, and that often gets him significant backlash from liberals and the ‘woke’ elite.

Joe Rogan , host of The Joe Rogan Experience and a UFC commentator, suggested that former President Donald Trump will not only run for president in 2024 but that he will win.

Speaking with Amanda Knox, the woman who was acquitted in Italy’s Supreme Court after being accused of murder as an exchange student, on his podcast, Rogan said Trump would “100% try” after being asked if he thinks the 45th president will run in 2024.

Biden is “not very inspiring,” Knox said, but she suggested that Democrats would likely let someone else run, such as Vice President Kamala Harris .

“She would lose just as badly,” Rogan said.

“She is the most hated vice president according to polls — the least liked, I should say, vice president in 50 years.”
The podcast host told Knox that Harris had been exposed in her 2020 presidential campaign by former Rep. Tulsi Gabbard , a Hawaii Democrat.

Returning to the idea of a rematch between Biden and Trump, Rogan was adamant in his belief of who would emerge as victorious.

“It’s crazy. It’s crazy that that’s the choice. Like you have Donald Trump or a man who’s got something seriously wrong, right?” he said.

“He’s a guy who’s had multiple aneurysms, had actual brain surgery, and is 78 years old and is experiencing some sort of pretty radical cognitive decline.”

Rogan concluded by suggesting that Biden might not even be the one running the administration.

He “is in some way controlled by the other people in the party, whether it is Nancy Pelosi or whoever else,” he said.

“He keeps saying things like, ‘They tell me not to answer questions,’ or, ‘They tell me not to.’ … Hey motherf***er, you’re the president!”

There haven’t been truer words spoken by someone with such a broad audience.

Reaching over 10 million listeners per episode, Rogan’s appraisal of Biden’s presidency will influence and inspire many across the country who can’t believe what’s happening to our country.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth