Vaccine Chief Sees Big Money In Booster Push

Big Pharma money grubbers will sacrifice your life and the lives of your family to make giant profits on the Biden-backed booster shots.

This glaring fact has become self-evident after multiple pharma CEOs appear in interviews with claims of when Americans will finally be lifted from medical tyranny, aka China Virus lockdowns and mandates.

Most recently, the CEO and chairman at Pfizer on Sunday predicted COVID-19 variants will persist even as the global pandemic ends.

In an interview with leading Fake News outlet NBC, Bourla claimed that Americans will be subjected to annual China Virus booster shots despite the pandemic’s end.

You know what that means?

Billions upon billions of dollars in profit for Pfizer, Modern, and any other company willing to produce vaccines for a questionable virus.

According to Bourla, the “most likely scenario” in the face of a virus that’s spread around the world is that “we will continue seeing new variants that are coming out. And, also, we will have vaccines that…will last at least a year.”

More Variants = More Lockdowns

He said in that scenario, it’s also likely there will be “annual re-vaccinations,” though he conceded, “we don’t know really. We need to wait and see the data.”

If he didn’t know and urged waiting for the data, then why go on national TV with those claims?

Are You Paying Attention Yet?

The Food and Drug Administration last week authorized a booster dose of the Pfizer shot, along with the BioNTech COVID vaccine for those 65 and older, all people at high risk of severe disease, and others who are regularly exposed to the virus.

The change to the vaccine’s emergency use authorization will allow boosters for groups such as health-care workers, teachers and day care staff, grocery workers and those in homeless shelters or prisons.

Pfizer had asked the FDA to expand its vaccine approval to include boosters for all people aged 16 and older and presented data last week to an outside FDA panel of advisers that it said showed waning immunity over time.

In conspicuous fashion, Modern’s CEO had similar predictions for the future. In an interview last week, the Big Pharma overlord claimed the world would likely “go back to normal” in the next year only if we maintain the current rate of vaccination.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth