Delusional Democrats Think Taxpayer-Funded Bill ‘Doesn’t Cost Anything’

Far left Democrat Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chairwoman of the Progressive Caucus, claimed during an interview on CBS News’ “Face The Nation” that the Dems’ massive $3.5 trillion social welfare bill is a “zero-dollar bill because it’s going to be completely paid for with taxes.”

When asked by host Margaret Brennan if the $3.5 trillion bill could be cut down in size, Jayapal responded, “Well, let’s talk about what people want, and then let’s come to the number from that.”

“It’s not just a random number,” Jayapal claimed. “So, if somebody wants less than $3.5 trillion, tell us what you want to cut? Do you want to cut the child care? Do you want to cut paid leave? What is it you want to cut, and then let’s figure it out from there.”

Jayapal continued, “But President Biden also said something very important the other day, which is, this is a zero-dollar bill because it’s going to be completely paid for with taxes on the wealthiest and the largest corporations.”

Brennan noted that high earners and corporations will see a devastating increase in taxes if the bill is passed, “The joint committee on taxation says actually that, in raising this revenue, taxes could go up at least 2 percent on those making between $200,000 and $500,000 a year. It also will raise taxes for corporations and those who are wealthier. So it’s not no cost.”

History also shows that the working class will feel the impact of corporations being forced to raise prices or lay off employees to make up for sizeable tax increases.

Brennan, during the interview also pointed out that, “Democrats control the White House, the Senate, the House, slim majority, as you know. President Biden said to reporters on Friday that he told progressives and moderates who met with him this week that they need to focus less on the number and more on their priorities.”

She continued, “Speaker Pelosi said today that it is self-evident this bill will not be $3.5 trillion. Have you agreed to compromise and give up some of your requests?”

Jayapal responded, “Yeah, you know, what we’ve said is we are happy to hear what it is that somebody wants to cut. So far, we have not seen any negotiation back from the Senate. And we understand, Margaret, that we’ve got to get every Democrat on board in the House and the Senate. We don’t have the margins to do anything except that.”

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey warned on Sunday during an appearance on CNN’s “State of the Union” that Democrats do not need a single Republican vote to pass the bill – and that the members of the GOP will certainly not be voting for it.

“I will certainly be voting no if the Democrats insist on combining the debt ceiling increase or suspension with the continuing operations of the government,” Toomey said. “And there is no calamity that’s going to happen, Jake. If that were even a serious risk, don’t you think the equity markets from last week, rather than fully recovering after the scare that came out of Evergrande in China, rather than fully recovering, as they did, maybe they would have traded off? I think that’s because the millions of investors across America know that no such calamity is going to occur.”

“Why?” host Jake Tapper asked.

“What’s going to happen is, after Republicans vote no, Chuck Schumer is going to do what he could have done months ago, what he could have done weeks ago, what he could do tomorrow, and that is, he will amend the budget resolution so that Democrats can pass the debt ceiling all by themselves,” Toomey said.

“And that’s what should happen. And here’s why, Jake. They are in the midst of an absolutely unprecedented, very damaging spending spree on a scale that we have never seen. And they want us to come along and authorize the borrowing to help pay for it, when we are totally opposed to what they’re doing.”

“They don’t need a single Republican vote. Republicans can’t stop it,” Toomey continued. “It’s not subject to a filibuster. And if they want to do this, they can go ahead and bring the attention of the American people to the increase in debt that we’re going to need to pay for this spending spree.”

Author: Patrick Fultz