Democrats’ Pro-Abortion Bill Is Dead On Arrival

The sick and twisted priorities of Democrat leaders are on full display this week as Nancy Pelosi upholds a promise to vote on a new radical pro-abortion bill.

Nancy’s Women’s Health Protection Act faces an uphill battle to become law as Republicans (even the moderates and RINOs) are thankfully upholding their pro-life standards.

Sen. Susan Collins of Maine essentially ensured the bill would go nowhere, saying she won’t support Pelosi’s evil attempt at legalizing abortion until the time of birth.

Nancy Pelosi and her cadre of Far-Left Democrats are anxious to move on the bill as early as Friday in the hopes of creating contrast between them and the brave Republicans who take a bold stance for the unborn. Her radical celebration of abortion has little to do with women’s healthcare and everything to do with what’s politically expedient at the moment.

Democrat leaders in the Senate are still deciding whether to bring it to a vote.

Collins maintained that the proposed legislation interferes with an existing law that guarantees health professionals who are against abortion are not required to participate in it.

“I support codifying Roe vs Wade, but unfortunately, the bill goes way beyond that. It would severely weaken the conscious exceptions that are in the current law.”

She called parts of the bill “extreme.”

Collins said the bill hurts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which protects individuals’ ability to exercise their religion.

The Women’s Health Protection Act comes in direct response to the recently-passed Texas Heartbeat Law, which effectively outlaws abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected. The bill is highly favored in Texas, which makes no difference to Democrats as democracy is merely a tool for their manipulation.

Florida, another GOP-led state, introduced a similar bill earlier this week.

“This ‘carve out’ would be unprecedented, and I do not believe it is necessary to codify Roe,” Sen. Collins said effectively crushing Nancy’s pro-abortion dreams.

The key provision of the Democrats’ bill would place a ban on states prohibiting or interfering with abortion through viability. It’s nearly certain defeat in the Senate gives rationality another fighting chance in American democracy, but that doesn’t mean state’s rights are fully protected.

Sen. Collins and other RINOs have signaled their interest in working with Democrats in drafting legislation that fully codifies Roe v Wade.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth