Did Donald Trump And Mitch McConnell Just Repair Their Relationship?

If they haven’t yet, Lindsey Graham is going to give it his best shot!

Sen. Lindsey Graham has been trying to help mend the relationship between Former President Donald Trump and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, according to recent reports.

Trump, who publicly has slammed McConnell since the leader criticized the then-president for his actions on Jan. 6, apparently complimented the senator in speaking with Graham.

Graham told colleagues that Trump has conceded in recent private conversations that McConnell “helped” him during his four years in office. The South Carolina Republican played golf with Trump just last weekend.

Another senator confirmed Trump conceded to Graham that McConnell had indeed helped him at key moments.

When one of Graham’s colleagues was asked why Trump continues to criticize McConnell, despite acknowledging he was a helpful ally, the lawmaker gave a perplexed shrug.

McConnell was instrumental in getting three of Trump’s Supreme Court nominees — Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett — confirmed. The leader also acted as a catalyst for many of Trump’s legislative aims.

However, McConnell’s ties to the RINOs have been a point of contention for the two. A true Washington establishment figure, McConnell sided with Democrats in bashing Trump despite calling for peace on Jan. 6.

The leader did not vote to convict Trump during the Senate impeachment trial, and largely has refrained from criticizing the former president since that speech.

Graham, who has become a Trump ally, appears to be trying to broker a peace deal between the GOP’s two most powerful members.

Mending the relationship between Trump and McConnell is key if the Republicans wish to win back majority in the Senate.

Trump recently spoke to GOP senators and allies in an effort to replace McConnell as the Senate Republican leader, but the effort failed to gain any traction. McConnell must have his claws dug deep in the D.C. bureaucracy.

McConnell’s support in the GOP is “solid” and colleagues “have a high level of confidence in his ability to navigate on very difficult, thorny issues,” Senate Minority Whip John Thune told reporters.

The GOP will be a truly unstoppable force if Trump and McConnell can mend their differences. With the former being an indominable force in Washington, and the latter retaining his credibility amongst D.C. careerists, there would be no stopping the Republicans.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth