Biden Humiliated As Trump Proven Right Yet Again

Joe Biden has been wrong about virtually everything, especially everything pertaining to Former President Donald Trump.

Such is the case with the China Virus.

As a candidate, Biden repeated his false claims that government policy alone could secure victory for the United States over the pandemic and rapid spread of COVID-19. As president, he’s quickly learning this is utterly false.

Biden repeatedly said former President Donald Trump did not have a plan for the coronavirus response while Biden did. Well, if Biden did have a plan, it is not working.

On Sept. 20 last year, the seven-day fatality average was 773. As of Sept. 20, 2021, the seven-day average of COVID-19 deaths is 2,087. Biden’s seven-day average is nearly triple what Trump’s was a year ago and the highest level since February.

The reality is that numerous factors affect the fluctuating death rates in viral pandemics, most of which have nothing to do with public policy. Biden’s rank politicization of the coronavirus last fall was nothing but tyrannical. Since he took office, Biden has benefited from the vaccines Trump developed, but Sleepy Joe’s “death count” has suffered because of the rise of the so-called delta variant.

The horrible death statistics in the past month occurred even though Biden enjoyed one advantage Trump didn’t have, that of hindsight. Biden had the benefit of a full year of research into COVID-19. Trump faced the pandemic when the entire world was uncertain what COVID-19 was and how to deal with it properly.

Biden defenders like to point out how many Republicans are against vaccinations so as to blame them for the rising death count. However, it is worth noting that Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris themselves created a lot of skepticism of vaccines during last year’s campaign.

Both, especially Harris, fearmongered their supporters into believing that vaccines under Trump were not to be trusted. Biden emphasized there were dangers if the vaccines were rolled out quickly. He has changed his tune since becoming president.

Biden is learning it is easier to criticize a president’s response during a pandemic than it is to implement one. As someone who has been involved in the government for nearly half a century, Biden should know this. If he knew, he did not care. He weaponized the fear of the pandemic into political votes. However, any objective evaluation will show that Biden’s plan is not more successful than Trump’s.

Author: Asa McCue