Biden Tries To Use UN Address To Distract From Failures — It Doesn’t Go Well

It’s a sad day for the United States as our cognitively deficient “president” appeared in front of UN globalists in an attempt to justify and distract from his growing list of failures.

Biden used every rhetorical diversion tactic at his disposal.

Relying on the invisible monster of “Climate Change,” the supposed commander in chief ignored the tragedies of his administration to push for a “new age of diplomacy.”

On Tuesday, Biden passed on an opportunity to condemn the progenitors of the global coronavirus pandemic, ignoring China’s lack of transparency to appease the communist regime.

Instead he focused on the lives lost and the diversity of those who fell victim to the virus.

Biden argued that this is “the clear and urgent choice” being faced at “the dawning of what must be a decisive decade” for the planet. “A decade that will quite literally determine our futures.”

Biden then moved on to discuss the subject of climate change.

The fledgling U.S. president repeatedly referenced a “global collective” or “global community” in his UN address, two phrases that should concern every freedom-loving American. Here Biden is signaling a shrinking of U.S. independence for the greater good of globalism.

He insisted that by ending a 20-year war in Afghanistan, the United States is meeting “challenges that hold the keys to our collective future.” These included ending the COVID-19 pandemic, addressing the “climate crisis,” managing the shifts in “global power dynamics,” shaping the roles of the world on vital issues like trade, cyber, and emerging technologies, as well as the “threat of terrorism.”

In regards to Communist China, Biden reaffirmed his relationship with President Xi, claiming another Cold War would not occur on his watch.

However, his actions tell a completely different story.

This week Biden decided to alienate a key European ally to sell atomic submarine technology to Australia, a significant “cold war” tactic against China.

The primary message pushed by Biden throughout the speech was one of climate and COVID-19, including a promise to double the climate aid given to developing nations.

A direct contrast from Former President Trump, Biden projected weakness and showed signs of a world power in utter decline.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney