Trump Warns Of What’s To Come If Biden Remains In Office

The harrowing reality of Biden’s border policies have officially come to a head, proving Donald Trump and every America First lawmaker right again.

On day one of his presidency, Joe Biden either destroyed or reversed most of Former President Donald Trump’s border policies, many of which ensured a safe and secure US-Mexico border. Starting on day two, chaos ensued.

Now illegal immigrants are pouring in; the United States has never experienced such a surge, and it’s only getting worse.

Border crossers have laughed directly in the faces of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, both of which claim the “border is closed.” Kamala even visited many of the Latin American countries from which migrants are fleeing at the highest rates.

In a now heavily mocked speech, Kamala put on her serious face (no smile this time) to tell illegal immigrants “Do Not Come!”

Her words were quickly disregarded and hilariously made fun of online.

Now, it takes Donald Trump to tell the truth about America’s future if the Biden administration is allowed to push their radical policies. On Monday, the Former President Donald Trump said that the United States would soon be considered a Third World nation because of the number of migrants crossing the southern border illegally.

Trump’s statement comes as more than 12,000 immigrants camp out under the Del Rio International Bridge at the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas.

Drone and aircraft video from several news outlets shows the makeshift camp under the bridge and a steady stream of migrants crossing illegally between Texas and Mexico unimpeded.

According to the CNN report, the migrants are sleeping in tents or on the dirt under the bridge even as daytime temperatures exceed 100 degrees.

The Biden administration reversed several border policies of his predecessor, President Donald Trump, when he took office in January, causing a surge of migrants crossing the border in record numbers since that time.

July saw more than 200,000 migrant crossings, setting a record for a one-month period, and more than three times the number during the Trump administration’s tenure.

The Department of Homeland Security announced Saturday that it would implement a ”new, comprehensive strategy” to deal with the situation at Del Rio.

The plan includes sending more than 400 more agents to improve control of the location, flying 2,000 to 3,000 migrants from that location daily to other processing centers so they can be assessed and removed, if necessary, work with the source countries to take their citizens back, and taking actions to improve the humanitarian crisis in Del Rio by supplying medical attention, portable restrooms, water and towels to the migrants.

You can read their plan here.

At this rate, and despite deportation efforts, the demographics in America are on the path of radical transformation. This intentional shift comes as the Democrats desperately seek a new voter base in which to exploit. With promises of endless government handouts and a better life, illegals from seemingly every shithole country are taking advantage of what America has to offer at the behest of taxpayers.

Democrats not only favor this strategy, but are directly benefiting from it.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth