Biden Linked To Deadly Suicide Bombing In The Worst Way Possible

Newly surfaced reports indicate that the ISIS terrorist who killed 13 U.S. troops and at least 169 Afghan nationals had been freed from Bagram prison after U.S. forces abandoned the area as part of Democrat Joe Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Senior Indian intelligence sources familiar with the case have told Firstpost that he was handed over to the United States’ Central Intelligence Agency by the Research and Analysis Wing in September 2017,” Firstpost reported.

“However, the jihadist walked free on 15 August along with thousands of other dangerous terrorists held in the high-security prison, taking advantage of the chaos that ensued in the aftermath of the United State’s hurried exit and the Taliban’s swift takeover of the entire country.”

The report described the terrorist as a former student of an engineering college in India who had been arrested for allegedly staging suicide bombings in New Delhi. The terrorist used his studies as his cover for entering the country.

“America’s disorganized retreat from Afghanistan has led to hundreds of highly-competent and highly-committed terrorists being set free to rejoin the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups,” an Indian intelligence officer, who allegedly worked on the case involving this specific terrorist, told the publication. “Literally a decade’s work on counter-terrorism has been undone by the US’ failure to secure key prisoners in Bagram.”

The report suggested that the CIA tipped off India about the terrorist after it intercepted messages from ISIS’s leadership about the attacks that they were planning.

Instead of the terrorist being prosecuted in India, Indian officials turned him over to the U.S. for the CIA’s investigation which allegedly yielded a significant amount information that was used to eliminate “multiple Islamic State leaders in United States drone strikes.”

Thousands of inmates, including former Islamic State and al-Qaeda fighters, were released from a prison on the outskirts of Kabul — Pul-e-Charkhi — as well as another facility at Bagram airbase as the Afghan government troops surrendered to the Taliban.

A number of top U.S. military officials warned the president against a withdrawal – critical advice which President Biden chose to ignore.

Gen. Austin Miller, the Commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan from 2018 through July of this year, was one of those military leaders warning against the withdrawal.

Miller also strongly pushed back against intelligence reports that said the Afghan military could hold off the Taliban for 1-3 years, indicating that they would collapse significantly faster.

Fox News reporter Jacqui Heinrich broke the news late last week that Miller made the remarks during a classified Senate Armed Services Committee hearing.

Heinrich reported that once Miller’s recommendations to Biden to keep some U.S. forces in Afghanistan were shot down, “it became his job to execute on the withdrawal order – and eventually, decisions like abandoning Bagram were made because of constraints and troop caps imposed by the President’s orders.”

This means that the deaths of those 13 U.S. soldiers and 169 Afghans could have been completely avoided if President Biden would have simply heeded Miller’s warning.

Author: Colby Howard