Gloves Off: Donald Trump Goes After ‘Dumbo’ Milley

Enough is enough.

Donald Trump is echoing the sentiment of many Americans after a shocking announcement was made over the weekend.

It was revealed that the drone strike Chairman of the Join Chiefs Gen. Mark Milley referred to as “righteous” actually resulted in the murder of multiple civilian Afghan families.

The man Joe Biden claimed to have such “confidence” in is nothing but a war criminal.

The Former President wrote a scathing rebuke of Milley, which was posted to his Save America website.

Trump started the message recounting his tough approach on China while he was president before pivoting to criticize Milley.

Trump then criticized the infamous phone call Milley made to China warning them if the U.S. would launch any military strikes. Trump claimed Milley’s decision to make the call was counterproductive and outrageous. He also claimed he had zero intention for military action against China and that he was never “going to make any military moves.”

And all indications prove Trump is telling the truth. Why would the President, who was hell-bent on signing a trade deal with China, be plotting a military attack against them, especially given his track record of America First military policies which sought to return troops and cease unnecessary wars.

The former president also unleashed criticism about the Russia investigation that plagued his presidency. After months of speculating that Trump colluded with Russian officials to become president, investigations were unable to find any evidence that Trump did so.

Having the confidence of Joe Biden, the supposed commander in chief, means Milley, McKenzie, et al will likely face zero consequences for their actions. Despite the deaths, regardless of the destruction and chaos, the Biden administration will move ahead with their policies that are not only unpopular with the American people, but continue to put us all in danger.

Author: Asa McCue