Republicans Demand Answers On Biden-Approved Taliban Ransom

It’s going to take brave coalition of Republican lawmakers to stand up to the Biden administration and demand answers on what/who/where/why regarding the botched military mission in Afghanistan.

One thing is certain: the Biden administration is not telling the truth. Contradicting claims between the State Department, Pentagon, and the White House continue to emerge, confusing the American people who are struggling to survive in Biden’s America.

Finally, there are Republicans stepping forward.

The largest GOP caucus in Congress is demanding the Biden administration turn over documents on its humanitarian aid to the Taliban, arguing that the payments to the group while U.S. citizens remain in Afghanistan amount to “ransom.”

The Republican Study Committee intends to investigate whether the administration’s $64 million in humanitarian aid was conditioned on the release of evacuation flights by the Taliban, which swiftly reassumed control of Afghanistan amid President Joe Biden’s unconditional withdrawal of U.S. forces.

“We have serious concerns about negotiations with the Taliban leading to the payment of ransom — whether marketed as humanitarian assistance or sanctions relief — which will give the Taliban resources that could be used to attack the United States or our allies,” 21 RSC lawmakers wrote in a letter Tuesday to the State Department.

“The payment of ransom to terrorists, likely including the Sept. 13 announcement of $64 million dollars in humanitarian aid to Taliban-controlled Afghanistan provided without guardrails, will only further place Americans in harm’s way by incentivizing the Taliban, and other terrorist groups, to kidnap more Americans,” the letter said.

The RSC is giving Secretary of State Antony Blinken 10 days to respond with the internal documents about the negotiations with the Taliban, according to the letter signed by Rep. Jim Banks, R-Ind., the RSC chairman, and 20 other House GOP lawmakers.

“Holding Americans hostage is an effective way to make money,” Banks, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, lamented to the Free Beacon.

Sanctions relief is also a rumor and concern for Republicans, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, added to the letter.

“We cannot negotiate with terrorists and we certainly cannot acquiesce to their demands,” he said.

In another information request, albeit related, Mann, Rep. Andy Barr, R-Ky., and 19 of their Republican colleagues sent a letter to Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, detailing their concerns about the Biden administration’s consideration of lifting sanctions on the Taliban.

The letter follows the U.N. Security Council resolution proposed at the end of August, which would ease sanctions on the Taliban.

“President Biden has already put American lives at risk and abandoned hundreds of our citizens in Afghanistan,” Mann wrote in a statement.

Also, the United Nations should not lift sanctions to allow the Taliban to grow.

There’s no telling what will result from the pair of letters.

The American people need to punish Joe Biden and the Democrats for their crimes by showing an overwhelming force at the polls come 2022 and 2024. With Republican majorities, questions will be answered and consequences will be handed down.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney