Biden’s Social Media Flooded With a Message He Definitely Doesn’t Want To Hear

The Democrats – and the Republicans – for that matter tend to rely on key voting demographics when determining their chances of victory or defeat. However, since Biden and his cronies stole the 2020 election, the entire electorate has undergone a radical shift.

College-age students have historically supported the Democrat Party; younger people tend to be more liberal. This has been an established fact in modern electoral politics in this country.

But not anymore.

The multiple failures coming from Biden and his administration have completely alienated large swaths of university students to such an extent, it’s almost unbelievable.

Endless COVID panic, the inability to live a life of freedom is a key tenant of your average young person and the Democrats are taking that away day by day.

“Fuck Joe Biden” chants have now been heard at college football games for the second week in a row after yesterday’s game between Auburn and Alabama State.

On the heels of a sweeping and controversial vaccine mandate, a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, and a drone strike that reportedly killed an innocent family in Kabul, including seven children, Americans are calling out President Joe Biden.

In a series of viral videos, fans who were primarily in the student section could be heard chanting “F*** Joe Biden!” The video is from the Alabama State and Auburn football game from September 11.

Last week, videos captured the same sentiment at college football stadiums across the country. The first video of the chants seems to be from Coastal Carolina’s initial game on September 2.

Apparently, the chant also echoed throughout Lane Stadium, which is the home of the Virginia Tech Hokies.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke about the chants in an interview over the weekend. Don Jr. was asked if he was surprised it was the student section who started the chants in most cases. Trump explained that Biden’s administration has been so chaotic that the incompetency of the president is obvious to Americans. He first cited the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and then highlighted other areas where Biden has come up short:

Author: Sebastian Hayworth