America Is No Longer The Land Of The Free Thanks To Biden

President Joe Biden formally announced a devastating plan to force private sector companies with more than 100 employees to force their workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly – or face hefty fines.

The radical new mandate displays a complete disregard by Biden and his admin for the constitution and American’s personal freedoms – but Biden made it clear on Thursday that they could care less about that.

“This is not about freedom or personal choice,” Biden said during a Thursday address to the nation. “It’s about protecting yourself and those around you, the people you work with, the people you care about, the people you love. My job as president is to protect all Americans.”

In his speech, Biden also further divided the nation by expressing frustration with unvaccinated Americans multiple times, and saying he “understands” the “anger” that the vaccinated have against those who have not taken the vaccine.

“We’ve been patient but our patience is wearing thin and your refusal has cost all of us,” Biden told the tens of millions of unvaccinated people in the country.

“Many of us are frustrated with the nearly 80 million Americans who are still not vaccinated, even though the vaccine is safe, effective and free,” Biden claimed. “You might be confused about what is true and what is false about COVID-19.”

Biden’s divisive rhetoric effectively paints a target on the back of unvaccinated Americans, contradicting his campaign promise of “unifying all Americans.”

The president also attacked Republican officials across the country who have opposed mask and vaccine mandates in an effort to protect their citizen’s freedoms.

“We have the tools to combat COVID-19, and a distinct minority of Americans, supported by a distinct minority of elected officials, are keeping us from turning the corner,” Biden argued. “These pandemic politics are making people sick, causing unvaccinated people to die.”

The unconstitutional mandate could affect the livelihoods of up to 100 million American workers and will also levy substantial fines, up to $14,000 per infraction, against companies that refuse to comply – fines which could have a serious negative effect on the economy.

Biden is also looking to hit Americans where it hurts – their wallets – once more by doubling the federal fines for airline passengers who refuse to wear masks on flights or to maintain face-covering requirements on federal property in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

The rule would also require that large companies provide paid time off for vaccination and to recover from the side effects of receiving the vaccine.

While Biden has taken a tough stance against unvaccinated Americans, he has refused to acknowledge that a massive amount of illegal immigrants attempting to enter the country are unvaccinated are testing positive for COVID-19 at a rate of nearly 1 out of every 5.

Biden refused to mandate the vaccine for immigrants attempting to cross America’s border and about 30% of immigrants held at federal detention facilities are refusing to be vaccinated — and they have the option to refuse – an option that Biden is clearly trying to strip away from American citizens.

Author: Miles Jennings