Biden’s ‘Tornado’ Comment Is Breaking The Internet Right Now

What in the hell is Joe Biden bumbling about now?

It’s hard to imagine someone not immediately stepping in to remove Biden from office; there’s no way his party is pleased with their party’s leader consistently blabbing like a fool in public. At the point, what’s happening to Joe Biden is akin to elder abuse!

In a video that went viral on Twitter, President Joe Biden stated that tornadoes are no longer called tornadoes.

“… They don’t call them that anymore,” the president said.

Biden was speaking Tuesday on the damage done by Hurricane Ida in New Jersey and New York when he stated, “It’s all across the country, you know, the members of Congress know from their colleagues in Congress that uh, you know, it looks like a tornado, they don’t call ’em that anymore, that hit the crops and wetlands in the middle of the country in Iowa and Nevada and I mean, it’s just across the board. And uh, you know um, as I said, we’re in this together.”

There’s absolutely no way of telling what Joe Biden was referring to in his incoherent mummbling, but many suspect he was talking about the derecho that hit Iowa in August last year.

A derecho is a, “is a widespread, long-lived wind storm that is associated with a band of rapidly moving showers or thunderstorms,” according to the National Weather Service.

Biden continued, blaming the invisible monster of Climate Change as the main driver behind the erratic tropical storms hitting the U.S. as of late. No evidence supports this claim, of course, but it’s a convenient way for Democrats to impose further restrictions on individual citizens and small businesses until we’re all in a perpetual state of lockdown.

Author: Asa McCue