Democrats Want Proof Of Biden’s Dementia — Well, Here It Is

Joe Biden is done for. The man can barely stay awake, let alone run an entire country – and essentially the free world.

While liberals always claimed America was a laughing stock with Trump as president, there’s no telling the belly laughs now that we have Sleepy Joe.

The decline in his mental cognition is apparent every time Joe opens his mouth — and sometimes when he doesn’t. Just standing there, you can see he’s barely functioning.

Social media and conservatives are once again railing on Joe Biden needing “cheat sheets” to conduct regular duties as president, including visits and news conferences.

Social media captured a cheat sheet sticking out of his pocket, identifying individuals the president was to meet with in Louisiana on Friday, including the names of Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell. The card included markings of affiliation with the Democratic Party.

Former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany noted President Donald Trump did not use any remedial cards or cues he was given.

“President Trump certainly never carried a ‘cheat sheet’ with him. As any good staff would, we often provided him with a pocket card before he left the plane, but he usually just left it on Air Force 1 and definitely never relied on it to remember the names of those he was meeting on the tarmac.”

It’s become apparent that Joe Biden is not operating on full cylinders.

“It’s abundantly clear he’s not operating on full cylinders. He should be in retirement, not leading a country. It’s time we start talking about it more. Everyone sees it.”

Biden has even referenced the orders he has been given by aides, saying in a recent news conferences on Afghanistan: “The first person I was instructed to call on.”

He then called on a prepared NBC News reporter who asked a lengthy question.

Biden has frequently declined to answer White House press pool questions amid the unfolding events in Afghanistan, including a Hurricane Ida prep news conference where he stated: ” I’m not supposed to take any questions.”

And this isn’t the first..or second..or third time Joe Biden has been seen with cheat sheets to get him through events.

During his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, Sleepy Joe could be seen repeatedly referencing his cheat sheet to remember even the most basic facts.

During his first solo press conference (more than 60 days into his presidency) Biden was provided a binder with every reporter in attendance and the fielded question they planned to ask.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney