Shocker: Terrorists Spotted With U.S.-Funded Military Equipment

No one expected this!

U.S. government-funded military equipment given to the Afghan Army during America’s two-decade occupation of Afghanistan has allegedly been spotted in Iran in recent days according to unverified social media photos.

Billion of dollars worth of American military equipment was left behind after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan in another devastating side effect of Biden’s horrific mismanagement of the August evacuation mission.

A Saudi news report shocked Western media when they reported:

“Several US military armored vehicles, which allegedly belonged to the Afghan army before the Taliban took over control of the country, were spotted in Iran on Wednesday, images shared on social media showed.”

Images shared on Twitter showed trucks belonging to the Iranian army transporting US Humvees, allegedly taken from Afghanistan, on a highway connecting the central city of Semnan to the city of Garmsar, southeast of the capital Tehran.

Afghanistan’s former defense minister, Bismillah Mohammadi, shared some of the images via his personal Twitter account this week. He did not offer any clarity regarding the source of the images:

“Bad Neighbor #Iran,” he captioned the post. “Afghanistan’s bad days won’t last forever.”

Local reporters were unable to independently verify the authenticity of the images, while Iran has not commented on the photos.

Iran shares a 560 mile-long border with Afghanistan, which was taken over by the Taliban terror group last month. The Taliban invaded Kabul, the Afghan national capital, on August 15 and deposed the city’s U.S.-backed government within a few hours. The jihadist group then declared itself the sole ruler of Afghanistan, which it renamed the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. The takeover prompted a mass exodus from Kabul and the rest of Afghanistan.

The Taliban captured Islam Qala, a strategic Afghan-Iran border crossing, as part of its ultimately successful military campaign to reconquer Afghanistan. The group claims to be at odds with ISIS, ISIS-K, and other terrorists subsidiaries, but they is heavily reputed by intelligence officials and reporters on the ground in the region.

ISIS-K was able to successfully execute a suicide bombing mission under the watchful eyes of Taliban security forces, resulting in the deaths of 13 U.S. soldiers and countless Afghan citizens.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth