Biden Takes Aim At Gun Rights With Cabal Of Globalist Elites

Joe Biden would be wise to tread these waters lightly as many Americans fear an impending violation of their Second Amendment rights.

The Biden administration this week signaled that it is eyeing a United Nations small arms treaty that critics claim will lead to an international gun registration plan — including for individual American gun owners.

Two years after former President Donald Trump withdrew from it, a top arms diplomat at the State Department told the global body that the current administration is swinging behind the Arms Trade Treaty.

“The United States has long supported strong and effective national controls on the international transfer of conventional arms, and the Arms Trade Treaty is an important tool [for] promoting those controls internationally,” he said according to a transcript provided to Secrets by the lobbying arm of the National Rifle Association.

The NRA has warned that, among many moves, the treaty will require all arms that Americans buy from overseas makers to be tracked. To do that, a global gun registry would be created and maintained for 10 years. Every owner will be listed on that registry.

“This is the first step towards creating a global firearms registry,” said the Second Amendment advocacy group.

Joe Biden is posed to give foreign bureaucrats control over the rights of law-abiding Americans, bujt the NRA vows fight it every step of the way.

As reported, the administration is reviewing and working to strengthen the “Conventional Arms Transfer Policy” that guides the transfer policy of firearms.

The Biden administration has not hid the fact that they seek to destroy the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans. The inclusion of European globalists in their plot to unarm citizens, however, is a new development.

Many fear what’s to come, and have armed themselves heavily as a result. Gun sales, FBI background checks, and the purchase of ammunition has skyrocketed since Biden assumed office. This is a clear indicator that law-abiding Americans can sense a looming infraction of their basic liberties.

Joe Biden and the globalist elite that he’s in bed with have no business disarming the country, the results of which will likely be catastrophic.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney