Sleepy Joe Adds To List Of Racially Charged Remarks — This Is Shocking

How can he continue to get away with such blatant racism? Oh, right, because he’s a Democrat.

Biden has an extensive history of dabbling in racially-charged language. He’s on video saying the “N-word” on the Senate floor, he’s worked with segregationists, he authored the 1994 crime bill which resulted in the imprisonment of thousands of African Americans.

Even Kamala Harris, his Vice President, called him out on his racism during the 2020 campaign.

Well, this really tops the list.

“President” Joe Biden inexplicably referred to a black adviser, Cedric Richmond, as “boy” on Monday, the latest of a series of controversial racial statements throughout his political career.

The president made his statement during a Hurricane Ida briefing with state governors and local officials about his administration’s response.

Richmond was a United States congressman from Louisiana before he joined the Biden administration.

Biden leaned heavily on his adviser during the event, asking him several times about what was going on.

Biden appeared puzzled that New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell was not on the call.

Biden told everyone attending the meeting that Richmond would be their prime advocate in the White House.

“Cedric is your direct line in the White House throughout this recovery,” he said.

If you’d like the extensive history of Biden’s inappropriate racial remarks throughout his entire career, you can check this out.

If a Republican even came close to uttering one of Biden’s racial “gaffes” his or her career would be over in an instant.

Author: Asa McCue