Taliban Hunts Down American Allies Like Animals — Guess What Biden’s Up To?

Things are not looking good. Americans are stranded, Biden has locked himself in the basement, and our military Generals are more interested in Critical Race Theory than protecting national security.

The most recent reports coming out of Afghanistan spell major trouble for anyone who’s assisted the U.S. military in the region, including Afghani soldiers and officials in the former president’s regime.

The Taliban are “intensifying” their search for Afghans who helped the United States and have a “list of people” they intend to “question and punish,” according to a Thursday report.

The development seems to complicate assurances from the Biden administration that the Taliban are somewhat reformed from their previous iteration. President Joe Biden seemed to hint at a changing interpretation of the Taliban’s newfound commitment to freedom in his disastrous interview with ABC News.

The Taliban appear to have a “list of people” that they intend to “question and punish,” and Taliban fighters are going door-to-door “arresting and/or threatening to kill or arrest family members of target individuals unless they surrender themselves to the Taliban.”

The U.N. report contained a letter that instructed “an unnamed counterterrorism official in Afghanistan who had worked with U.S. and British officials” to “report to the Military and Intelligence Commission of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan in Kabul. If not, it warned, the official’s family members ‘will be treated based on Shariah law.’”

Although the United Nations has had apparent difficulty responding to the crisis in Afghanistan, they were at the forefront of warning the Biden administration that a swift military withdrawal could have “dire consequences.”

According to the U.N., Deborah Lyons, Special Representative and Head of the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan, said the ‘possible slide toward dire scenarios is undeniable,’” back in June, and specifically warned of the threat of Taliban fighters regaining strength in southern provinces.

That scenario appears to have reached a boiling point, further complications for an already embattled Joe Biden.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth