Biden Bolts, Ignores Criticism After Attacking Republicans

The Biden administration is crumbling right before our eyes.

Democrat Joe Biden bolted out of a press conference on Wednesday after repeatedly taking shots at Republican-led states over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s press conference came as thousands of Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan and horrifying images have emerged from the nation showing violence and chaos erupting in the wake of his disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.

He did not take a single question from reporters.


Biden, who has not taken questions from the press for days, sparked backlash earlier this week after making a brief statement on Afghanistan before turning his back on the media and returning to Camp David.

The Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan accelerated over the last couple of weeks despite Biden’s comments from July that it was “highly unlikely” that the Taliban would take over Afghanistan.

The Taliban seized a significant amount of U.S. military hardware and weapons that were given to the Afghan security forces for them to use in their fight against the Taliban.

However, the Afghan security forces collapsed against the Taliban after the U.S. military, under Biden’s leadership, pulled air support out of the country, which left the Afghan security forces unable to operate.

Biden blamed the Afghan security forces for their loss, claiming that they were “not willing to fight for themselves,” despite the fact that they have lost nearly 70,000 soldiers fighting the Taliban and other terrorists in the country.

Author:: Elizabeth Tierney