Biden Can’t Keep His Story Straight About Afghanistan

Joe Biden is arguably the most corrupt politician in U.S. history. Because of the decisions he’s made, the country has been sent down multiple paths of utter failure.

For over 50 years, Joe Biden has been hell-bent on destroying the country. From the 1994 crime bill, to working with segregationists, the failed Middle East policies as Vice President, Obamacare — the list goes on and on.

But his speech this week after the fall of Afghanistan — on his watch — goes to show that there’s not stopping Biden’s corruption.

“Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to have been nation-building,” President Joe Biden stated during his speech on Monday afternoon.

However, the claim that the objective was never “nation-building” appears to contradict his earlier arguments regarding the goals of the war in Afghanistan.

For example, in 2001, then-Senator Biden said that “Our hope is that we will see a relatively stable government in Afghanistan, one that… provides the foundation for future reconstruction of that country.”

Then, in 2003, Biden spoke before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the importance of a continued presence in the region.

“In some parts of the administration, nation-building is still a dirty phrase. But the alternative to nation-building is chaos, a chaos that churns out blood-thirsty warlords, drug traffickers, and terrorists.”

These contradictory comments on purpose are simply further examples of the inconsistent rhetoric delivered by Biden on the subject of Afghanistan.

When asked whether a “Taliban takeover of Afghanistan” was “now inevitable,” Biden rejected the idea.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth