Biden Doubles Down, Refuses To Admit He’s Been Defeated

The audacity of Biden to address the nation and take no responsibility for HIS failed attempt to remove U.S. troops from Afghanistan is astounding. His hypocritical remarks are proof positive that Biden, nor anyone else making decisions in the administration, are capable of leading the country down a path of success.

In fact, every order, every decision handed down from Biden has been an utter failure.

Still, the cognitively deficient president defended his decision to withdraw all U.S. military forces from Afghanistan on Monday amid the collapse of the country’s government.

“Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to have been nation-building,”
Biden said during his address from the White House.

The president additionally argued that he is focusing “on the threats we face today in 2021, not yesterday’s threats.”

“Today, a terrorist threat has metastasized well beyond Afghanistan,” he continued. “Al Shabab in Somalia, Syria, ISIS attempting to create a caliphate in Syria and Iraq and establish affiliates in multiple countries in Africa and Asia. These threats warrant our attention and our resources.”

Biden additionally touched on the peace agreement his predecessor, former President Donald Trump, negotiated with the Taliban and the Afghan government, which hinged on the United States pulling all troops out of the country.

Biden did concede that the collapse of the Afghan government and the Taliban’s takeover of Kabul “did unfold more quickly than we anticipated.”

He specifically blamed ousted Afghan President Ashraf Ghani, who visited Biden at the White House over the summer, for convincing him that Afghan security forces would fight back against Taliban incursions, which proved “obviously wrong.”

“I know my decision will be criticized,” the president reiterated.

The finality of Biden’s speech was arguably the most disturbing, especially when he claimed “the buck stops with me”

You can watch his remarks in full below.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth