Hunter Finds Himself Smack Dab In The Middle Of a National Security Breach

Democrat President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is allegedly involved in another explosive scandal that could have major ramifications for the United States.

Hunter Biden admitted on video to a prostitute with whom he had just had sex that he believes Russian drug dealers stole a laptop from him that contains videos of him “doing crazy f***ing sex.”

According to the Daily Mail, Hunter Biden allegedly made the admission in a video “after filming himself having sex with the woman using his laptop in January 2019.”

Hunter Biden recalled an incident that, according to the report, supposedly happened in 2018. He said that he had been face down in a swimming pool for some period of time and that people who he had been partying with did not know whether he was dead or alive.

Hunter Biden states:

“Anyway, my computer, I had taken tons of, like, just left like that cam on. And he would always put in a passcode and all that, you know what I mean? It was f***ing crazy s**t. And somebody stole it during that period of time. He did all this kind of pretend search and s**t.

I think he’s the one that stole my computer. I think the three of them, the three guys that were like a little, like group. The dealer and his two guys, I took them everywhere. F***ing everywhere, crazy out-of-your-mind s**t. The Russian [inaudible] she’d walk out with a f***ing bathing suit in her hand.”

When the woman in the video asks Hunter Biden what was on his laptop, he states, “They have videos of me doing this. They have videos of me doing crazy f***ing sex, you know?”

Asked if the men would try to blackmail him, Hunter Biden responded, “Yeah, in some way, yeah.”

Hunter Biden’s most recent scandal is just the latest national security threat to come out of the Biden family, known for its questionable international business relationship that blur the lines between politics and business.

Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington University, responded to the damming Hunter Biden story – pointing out the mainstream media’s refusal to cover it.

“The media blackout on Hunter Biden’s laptop remains in force this week despite a major new development with the release of a videotape that purportedly shows Biden claiming that one of his laptops was stolen by Russians for blackmail purposes. He allegedly recorded the statement after filming having sex with an alleged prostitute in a Las Vegas hotel. This is major news from any standpoint. Either the President’s son admitted that Russians have blackmail material on him or the media (or others) have created a fake videotape and falsely framed Biden. One would expect, if it is the latter, that the Biden team will be announcing a lawsuit today. However, like the coverage in most major news outlets, there are only the familiar sound of crickets. …

Now you have the son of the president saying that he believes the Russians have blackmail material on him but the media continues to struggle to avoid the story. Imagine if a laptop contained videos of Donald Trump Jr. having sex with an alleged prostitute while talking about how Russians likely have blackmail material on him. The media would reach critical mass with wall-to-wall coverage. Yet, most major media outfits continue to minimize or ignore such stories.”

Author: Thomas Reeves