Impeached: America First Lawmaker Wages War Against Biden Admin

This is the kind of fight we expect from America First Republicans. A fight against the swamp, against tyranny, against globalism, and against radical illegal immigration.

That’s exactly what pro-Trump ally and Arizona Republican Rep. Andy Biggs is doing.

Rep. Andy Biggs filed articles of impeachment against Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Tuesday, accusing him of refusing to enforce laws against migrants illegally crossing the border.

The Arizona Republican said in a statement that the country “is more in danger today” than when Mayorkas took office. He also insisted that the secretary “is failing to faithfully uphold his oath of office and is presiding over a reckless abandonment of border security and immigration enforcement, at the expense of the U.S. Constitution and the security of the United States.”

Although the articles of impeachment have no realistic chance of winning a majority vote in the Democrat-controlled House, Republicans are eager to shine light on what they say has been a disastrous tenure at the helm for Mayorkas, given the unprecedented increase in illegal immigrants at the border.

Biggs and fellow Republicans insist that Mayorkas created the conditions for the surge by canceling key Trump administration policies, such as “Remain in Mexico,” which denied those illegally crossing the border the opportunity to remain in the U.S. while they awaited their immigration court dates.

In the articles of impeachment, Biggs also stressed the danger of the return of a catch-and-release policy, by which tens of thousands of migrants each month are apprehended but then quickly set free into American communities.

The filing of the articles of impeachment is the latest escalation of the Republican pressure on the Biden administration over the border crisis after 20 GOP congressmen on Monday sent a number of requests to the DHS for information, and vowed to force a resolution of inquiry if they did not receive a response.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney