Politics Of COVID: Democrats Favor More Tyranny

It goes without saying, but there is currently one major political party pushing 99% of the COVID tyranny normal Americans are facing today.

Whether it be vaccine mandates, widespread masking requirements, keeping children from school — it’s all a product of Democrat hysteria surrounding the coronavirus.

Well a new survey was released proving just how insane liberal are. It’s a shocking reality, but Democrat voters are actually pushing for more restrictions, more authoritarianism, and more COVID tyranny!

Despite President Joe Biden’s best efforts to display confidence in fighting COVID, most Democrats do not believe that the United States is winning the war on the virus.

What’s more, Rasmussen Reports said today that Democrats are far more likely to demand that people wear masks and prove they’ve been vaccinated by showing their CDC shot card.

The new survey highlighted the political division in how the virus should be tackled.

Most Democrats, for example — 74% — believe that even those vaccinated should wear a mask. For Republicans, it was just 32%.

And 65% of Democrats said that visitors to gyms, restaurants, and theaters should be required to show their vaccine card before being allowed to enter. For Republicans, that number was 29%.

Democrats generally have a sour view of the nation’s handling of the crisis. Just 28% believe that the administration is winning the war on the virus.

Rasmussen also found a racial split on COVID-19.

“More blacks (61%) than whites (49%) or other minorities (48%) approve of the CDC’s mask recommendation. Similarly, more blacks (50%) than whites or other minorities (both 43%) think proof of COVID-19 vaccination should be required in public places,” said the polling outlet.

This just goes to show you that those who vote Democrat should not be trusted to make decisions for our lives. While everyone should have the right to protect themselves from any threat, be it medical or otherwise, to impose your sensitivities on others — and stomp on their personal freedom as a result — is the mark of pure tyranny. The kind of tyranny U.S. veterans have fought wars over. Yet, here we are, a major political party advocating for the type of dangerous authoritarianism that will continue to divide the country until there’s no return.

Author: Asa McCue