Fauci Suddenly Has a ‘Change of Heart’ On Trump

The Biden administration will do anything to meet their goals and vaccinate the entire country, even if that means getting the chief medical examiner on air to applaud Trump.

After months of endless criticism and baseless lies against the Former President, Dr. Fauci has now changed his tune to applaud Trump’s “wise investment” in the coronavirus vaccine during its early days of conception, development, and manufacturing.

Dr. Anthony Fauci offered some rare praise for former President Donald Trump during a press briefing with President Joe Biden’s coronavirus advisory team, crediting his administration for speedily developing the coronavirus vaccines.

“Because of the wise investment in Operation Warp Speed and we give credit to the Trump administration for doing this, particularly Secretary Alex Azar,” Fauci said.

The chief medical examiner acknowledged that many people expressed concerns about the speedy development of the vaccine, but he reassured people hesitant to get the vaccine that it had been rigorously tested.

Fauci specifically credited the Trump administration’s decision to start manufacturing the vaccine before different phases of the medical trials were completed.

He said Trump’s gamble worked, as the vaccines were approved for emergency authorization.

Biden and his administration continue to struggle to get more Americans vaccinated against the virus, especially Republicans who voted for Trump’s reelection.

During the 2020 campaign, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris both expressed hesitancy about a vaccine developed under the Trump administration.

Their hesitancy is a complete ‘180’ from the endless vaccine pandering and pushing they do today.

But this is nothing new. Even Dr. Fauci himself urged the American people in March 2020 not to wear masks, later saying his recommendation was based on the national stockpile of personal protection equipment. Now, “America’s Doctor” would love it if the American population was constantly masked, afraid, and locked down in their homes.

Author: Asa McCue