Hunter Breaks White House ‘Art’ Deal — And It Could Spell Trouble For Joe

With the Biden family, the collusion and corruption never ends. This is a family that’s been on the political scene for nearly five decades — and they have the track record to show for it. Not only has Joe Biden enact a series of America-destroying policies throughout his troublesome career, but he — along with his son — have used his power of office to enrich themselves via shady overseas business deals.

Hunter’s new-found “art career” is latest Biden Family grift to score millions and potentially collude with foreign governments.

Hunter Biden will meet with prospective art buyers at two art shows in Los Angeles and New York City later this year, giving the novice painter an opportunity to meet with potential “anonymous” buyers of artwork priced up to $500,000.

Georges Berges Gallery spokeswoman Robin Davis confirmed to CBS News that Hunter Biden will attend both events.

Earlier this month it was reported that Hunter Biden was working with the Soho art dealer Georges Bergès, who has links to China himself:

It’s also been reported that Hunter Biden will “presumably socialize with potential buyers,” which is “seemingly at odds with an agreement struck with the gallery owner that aims to keep buyers’ identities secret from Biden, President Biden, the White House, and the public.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki explained July 10 that Hunter Biden “has the right to pursue an artistic career” by selling “artwork” to an anonymous buyer for as much as $500,000, despite concerns that Hunter Biden is still invested in “CCP [Chinese Communist Party]-linked firms.”

But according to the establishment media on July 8, Bergès would set the prices for the artwork and withhold “all records, including potential bidders and final buyers.”

Bergès “has also agreed to reject any offer that he deems suspicious or that comes in over the asking price, according to people familiar with the agreement,” the report highlighted.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) tweeted the scheme as the potential for a conflict of interest.

After all, money laundering was identified as an issue in the art world, according to the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations last year.

“Secrecy, anonymity, and a lack of regulation create an environment ripe for laundering money and evading sanctions,” the committee explained. “Given the intrinsic secrecy of the art industry, it is clear that change is needed in this multi-billion dollar industry.”

Though President Joe Biden has remained removed during his son’s new scandalous venture, Hunter Biden a reporter:

“My dad loves everything that I do, and so I’ll leave it at that.”

Author: Sebastian Hayworth