Democrats’ Jan. 6 Committee Sets Sights On Trump

It will never end. The Democrat witch hunt against Former President Donald Trump will never give way. Whether it’s a phony Russia Collusion Hoax, sham impeachment proceedings, or the newly-formed Jan. 6 committee, the Democrats will never leave Trump alone.

According to one of the Democrats on the Committee, Trump could be forced to testify about his role – or lack thereof – in the Jan. 6 debacle using subpoena powers.

Democrat Rep. Bennie Thompson vowed to take former members of the Trump administration, and Trump himself, to court if any of them refused to take the stand as a result of the Committee subpoenas.

“Nothing is off limits,” Thompson said.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi formed the committee to probe the events surrounding the Jan. 6 assault, in which demonstrators protesting the November election results stormed the Capitol.

The committee, put in place by Pelosi after the Senate failed to pass the Jan. 6 Commission, will hold its first hearing Tuesday. She has allowed House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to name just five Republicans on the 12-member committee, and she has the authority to veto selections.

Just yesterday, McCarthy pulled his five nominees after Pelosi utilized her veto power and rejected two GOP picks. The Minority Leader has vowed to launch a Republican-led investigation of his own.

“There will not be a reluctance on the part of the committee to pursue Trump or his former officials,” Thompson said.

Thompson said he was willing to seek depositions from other members of Congress who might have been involved in the Capitol assault.

Ivanka Trump, the former president’s oldest daughter, and former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows could be among people subpoenaed to appear.

Trump administration officials who refuse to appear before the committee, citing executive privilege, would face subpoenas and lawsuits, according to the Democrats.

The committee has no deadline by which to submit a report, Thompson said, and warned against any Republican delay tactics.

Rep. Thompson may be bold now, but let’s wait until the actual truth comes out. Then we will see who’s brave.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney