Trump Dives Head First Into Most Heated Race Of The Year

Former President Trump is jumping right back in to the political fire.

On Monday, he suggested that Virginia Republicans adopt his Make American Great Again agenda as the embattled state gears up to choose a new governor.

He warned that rejecting his agenda is a “political loser” and urged Republicans in Virginia to “watch the vote counters.”

Trump endorsed Glenn Youngkin after the latter one the Republican gubernatorial primary election back in May. Just last week the Former President slammed the Democrat nominee Terry McAuliffe, calling him a “political hack” that gladly accepted campaign contributions from him before assuming office.

Team Youngkin dropped a campaing ad on Monday highlighting Trump’s sentiment, and exposing McAuliffe for his utter hypocrisy regarding the Former President.

Trump, who supported McAuliffe’s first run for office, added that the Democrat only “said only great things and would do whatever I wanted, until I ran for office.”

Trump supported his claim that MAGA was a political winner for Virginia Republicans. In his statement, the Former President mentioned Ed Gillespie’s failed run against Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam.

“Four years ago, a man named Ed Gillespie ran for Governor of Virginia without ’embracing’ MAGA, or the America First movement. He tried to skirt the issue by wanting my endorsement, yet walking on both sides of the fence,” Trump wrote.

Trump added, “Glenn has a very good chance of winning—but watch the ‘vote counters’ in Virginia. As the 2020 Presidential Election Scam has proven, they can be far more important than the candidate!”

McAuliffe took to twitter to responded to Trump’s statement. Obviously possessing zero of Trump’s political prowess, the Democrat gubernatorial hopeful posted this lightweight tweet to his account:

Author: Nolan Sheridan