Psaki Gets Destroyed Over White House Cuba Lies

During a press conference on Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was exposed for lying about the pro-freedom, pro-democracy, anti-communist protests that overtook Cuba last weekend. Echoing her boss’ statement, Psaki told reporters the protestors were rallying against the rising rates of COVID-19 and the lack of medical supplies and expertise in the country.


The protestors were rallying against the communist regime that for decades has imprisoned, brutalized, and even killed Cuban citizens. Carrying American flags and chanting “FREEDOM!” the protestors showed that this about more than COVID. The protests were about freedom from tyrannical dictatorship, that seemingly Biden hopes to install in the States under the guise of “equality” and “diversity.”

Watch her response here:

The grilling comes after Acting Assistant Secretary for the U.S. State Department, Julie Chung, posted a tweet claiming the protests were centered around the pandemic, never once mentioning the crimes committed against by the communist regime, and completely ignoring what the protesters were actually saying and doing.

Cuban refugees, conservative activists, and Republican politicians immediately called out the Biden administration for their tone deaf dismissal of the Cuban protestors and what they stood for.

Cuban Refugee Heydi Geroy called out the Biden administration:

Republican Rep. from Florida Carlos Gimenez:

Former U.S. diplomat to Cuba Alberto Fernandez called the tweet “dull, lifeless, and dumb”

GOP Rep. From Tex Dan Crenshaw:

Republican Senator from Florida and Cuban Marco Rubio:

Author: Elizabeth Tierney