President Trump Has Busy Weekend Making America Great Again

With hours before his CPAC speech, and the day after a surprise appearance in Las Vegas at UFC 264, Donald Trump posted five statements to his Save America wesite.

Trump dominated the rural vote, and he lamented the “fake news” ignoring the fact that he saved the American suburbs from being destroyed by the policies put in place by the Obama-Biden administraton:

Trump’s statement appeared to be in response to a fake Saturday article in The New York Times that suggested the suburbs “soured” on him in the last election, putting President Joe Biden in the White House.

Trump also noted his administration’s response to the global coronavirus pandemic is only now being appreciated, adding he saved the world with the Operation Warp Speed delivery of the vaccine:

“For all of those finally realizing what a great job we did with respect to the pandemic, including rapidly filling the cupboards that were left ‘bare’ by the previous administration, in both the federal government and states, please also remember that it was the Trump administration that produced the vaccine in less than 9 months — many years ahead of anticipated schedule.

“Biden and his group just used our plan of distribution, which had started long before he took office. Without the vaccine, the entire world would have ended up like it was in 1917, the Spanish Flu, where as many as 100 million people died. While we get no credit for this from the Fake News Media, the people know — that’s why I got 75 million votes!”

And, finally, Trump noted the “dishonest and corrupt” media attempted to discredit him and “demean” his administration, using places like South Korea and India to suggest his response was not the best in the world:

“Remember when the Fake News Media would blast me about how well Seoul, South Korea was doing with the pandemic? Well now, sadly, Seoul is riddled with the China virus almost beyond what other countries had to go through. They are having a terrible time of it. The media also used India as another country doing really well — we all know how that ended.

“They talked about these two countries in order to demean my administration, which has now been proven to have done an incredible job. I only bring this up to show how dishonest and corrupt the Fake News Media is!”

Author: Elizabeth Tierney