Worse Than We Thought: Watch Biden Barely Get Through Presser

Joe Biden’s mental decline is happening more rapidly than ever imagined. We’re witnessing the American President disintegrate right before our eyes and nothing is being said or done about it.

While Biden attempts to lead the country out of several predicaments it becomes extremely apparent that Joe is not the one calling the shots. How could he? He can barely get through a press conference without malfunctioning.

On Thursday, Joe Biden held a press conference to announce the continuation of Former President Donald Trump’s plan to execute a complete withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. The cognitively-declining commander-in-chief appeared to struggle, often stuttering through his reasons for bringing the troops home


Biden also became testy with a reporter who asked him if he trusts the Taliban.

During the presser Biden revealed he’s taking another piece of Trump’s advice. Joe is moving up the return date for U.S. soldiers. Instead of the Sep. 11 plan put in place, Biden has instructed total removal by Aug 31.

Earlier that day, White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki gave a giant slap to the face of every solider who served in Afghanistan when she said, “It’s a 20-year war that we did not win militarily, so we will not be having a ‘mission accomplished’ moment.”

Psaki said that the Biden administration would push for a “political outcome and a political solution” and that the U.S. did “exactly what we wanted to do.”

Biden further added that the draw down was “proceeding in a secure and orderly way” and that it was moving as fast as possible, which he said enhanced the “safety” of U.S. forces.

The US military mission in Afghanistan continues through the end of August. We will retain personnel and capacities in the country, and the U.S. still maintains the same authority under which we’ve been operating for some time.

Author: Sebastian Hayworth