Trump’s Latest Announcement Has Democrats On The Verge Of a Meltdown

Former President Donald Trump will allegedly make a “major announcement” during a scheduled press conference for today concerning his future plans for social media.

“Mr. Trump will make a big announcement regarding social media,” said a source close to Trump.

The press conference is scheduled to take place at 11 a.m. from inside the Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in New Jersey.

The former president has hinted at plans for a new social media website after he was blocked by major tech companies over allegations that he was inciting violence by claiming that the election was rigged. Facebook has reported they will reconsider their blocking of Trump but Twitter has announced he is still banned for life.

Another source told reporters that Trump plans to deal with and confront the social media tech giants that banned him from their websites.

Trump had previously had a personal message board back in May in order to speak to his millions of followers but that webpage was eventually deleted.

This past Thursday, former Trump team members launched a new social media website named Gettr, which was planned to go up against Twitter, but former president Trump informed reporters that he was planning his own website. Gettr was then momentarily hacked within hours of starting when a hacker was able to alter the usernames of top accounts and publish political messages.

In March a person from the Trump team informed Fox News that they were working slowly on the new social media website because they only had one shot to get it right.

In an interview in Feb. the former president told reports that Twitter had become boring and that he would not return to it even if they stopped their permanent ban on him.

This comes at a time when Facebook is increasing its anti-conservative censorship to even greater levels. With coronavirus vaccinations, immigration, critical race theory and other conservative topics being banned from the platform. Republicans have often claimed they would fight big tech’s control over American’s lives, but as of today, there has yet to be any real action taken.

Author: Blake Ambrose