Democrats Prove They Can’t Win Anything Fair And Sqaure

Eric Adams has won the DNC primary for mayor of NY City after targeting the political center and pledging to aim for a balance between fighting criminals and stopping supposed racial injustice inside policing.

As a former police captain, Adams could be New York’s second Black mayor if he wins the general election.

He won over a large DNC field. Results from the latest numbers put out on Tuesday show him leading Kathryn Garcia by 8,426 votes, or a bit over 1%.

Voting in the DNC primary ended on June 22. Early returns revealed that Adams was leading, but people had to wait for absentee ballots and for tabulations to be done under the city’s new ranked choice system.

Under this new system, voters chose up to five candidates for mayor in the order of preference. The candidates with lacking votes were removed and ballots meant for them were distributed to the other contenders, based on the voter rankings, until only two were remaining.

The city’s first attempt at the new system in a large election was difficult. As votes were being counted on June 29, elections officials messed up the count by accidentally counting 135,000 test ballots. Erroneous vote totals were posted for hours before election officials admitted the error and took them down.

The mistake did not change the final outcome of the election.

Garcia, Adams, and Wiley all filed lawsuits seeking the right to look at the ranked choice numbers.

Wiley said in a comment on Tuesday that the board “must be totally redone after what can only be said to be a debacle.” As for herself, she stated that her team would have more to announce soon about their “next steps.”

Adams is a moderate Dem who was against the “defund the police” movement.

“We will not recover as a city if we backslide in time and witness an increase in violence, especially gun violence,” Adams said after three people were shot in Times Square back in May.

“If Black lives do matter, it cannot only be about police. It has to be about the violence that is ripping our communities apart,” he said to supporters on primary night.

Author: Blake Ambrose