Democrats Hysterical After Trump Picks Up This ‘Souvenir’ On His Border Visit

As illegal immigrants continue to swarm and overwhelm law enforcement officials, Donald Trump can’t help but to bemoan what was once a secure and safe border under his tutelage. The Former President visited the crime scene on Wednesday to inspect the damage done by the Biden-Harris administration in the wake of his common sense policies.

The sheer number of illegal immigrants have overwhelmed Border and Customs agents since Biden assumed office and reversed many of Trump’s policies, namely the Remain-in-Mexico policy, which kept illegal immigrants in their home countries until their day in U.S. Immigration court.

During a roundtable discussion in Weslaco with Texas Governor Greg Abbott, GOP lawmakers, and law enforcement officials, Trump declared: “We have a sick country in many ways.”

“America is sick in elections, and it’s sick in the border. And if you don’t have good elections and you don’t have a strong border, you don’t have a country.”

Trump trekked to the Rio Grand Valley to an area where gaps in the border wall are all-too apparent. Through these gaps, an unprecedented number of illegal border crossers have successfully made their way into America’s interior.

Since the beginning of 2021, more than 275,000 have crossed in the region where Trump was standing that day. While data shows illegal immigration has topped a 21-year record, the humanitarian crisis is far worse than what was seen in 2000. Apprehensions have skyrocketed nearly 700% since Trump left office and each month Border Patrol is forced to size more than 170,000 illegals.

Trump questioned the intentions of the Biden-Harris administration as they let the border fall through the cracks. He dared to ask, is the poor state of the border an intentional result of Biden’s open border policies or is his administration just generally incompetent.

Trump asked, “Do these people have a screw lose or do they really want open borders?”

The Former President’s trip to Texas marks his first border visit since departing the White House in January. He highlight the sheer number of “murderers, rapists, and drug dealers and human traffickers” allowed to enter freely into the United States as a result of Biden’s failed policies.

Before heading out to inspect the border wall, Trump took a fair shot at border point-person Kamala Harris. He chided the Vice President for not visiting the scene of her crime saying, “We’re going to the real part of the border where there’s real problems. Not a part where you look around and see nobody.”

While the Biden administration spent the first month in office suspending and undoing many border initiatives imposed by the Trump administration, the former president said it would not be easy to reinstate policies that have since been rescinded even if the government wanted to do so.

Author: Nolan Sheridan