DeSantis Reveals Biden’s Scheme To Ramp Up Border Crisis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis obliterated President Joe Biden over the out of control crisis at the southern border – suggesting that the Biden administration has created the disaster intentionally.

DeSantis stated that Biden’s administration has purposefully created the border crisis because they believe in “open borders.”

Biden’s border statistics have continued to worsen, with apprehensions of illegal aliens last month hitting a staggering 674% increase vs. May of 2020 when 23,237 illegal aliens were apprehended. Last month’s numbers were the worst numbers in more than two decades.

“Why won’t Joe Biden manage the border?” Fox News host Mark Levin asked DeSantis during the interview.

“Why won’t Joe Biden enforce federal immigration laws? Why won’t Joe Biden put in place policies that have an orderly way for people to apply to come into the United States? Why is the border wide open with all the mayhem and anarchy and all the horror that’s going on down there? What is Joe Biden’s motive here?”

“Well, I think it’s intentional, Mark,” DeSantis responded.

“And I’m not sure how much Biden is engaged in this. But certainly a lot of the people that have the sway in the White House on a day-to-day basis, I believe on an ideological basis, they believe in open borders. Now, the public is strongly against what’s going on there. So I think they’re taking a toll, it’s taking a toll on them politically. But they knew by undoing Donald Trump’s policies, which were succeeding, that this would happen, it has happened.”

“And they really show a disregard for all the problems that emanate as a result of this, the people that are trafficked, all the drugs pouring across the border, increasing lawlessness,” he continued.

“So it’s got to the point where Texas is doing it on their own, Arizona, they asked other states for help. So Florida has stepped up. And we’re gonna send folks to help stem the tide of what’s going on down at the southern border, but it’s a clear failure of leadership. But I do believe that this is an intentional policy rooted in an open borders ideology.”

“I think you’re quite right. How could it not be an intentional policy, right? Purposely reversing executive orders. Purposely reversing rules. Forcing the head of the Border Patrol to resign, things of that sort. I mean, it’s none of this is coincidental, or by accident, that’s for certain,” Levin stated.

President Trump’s border policies were extremely effective, and a majority of Americans believe Joe Biden should revert to those policies according to a new poll.

The poll, released on Monday, indicated 55 percent of Americans prefer Trump’s border policies.

The Harvard/Harris poll asked respondents if the “Biden administration should have undone all of the Trump administration executive orders on immigration, or should the Biden administration have left those Trump policies that made it more difficult to come into the country in place?”

Fifty-five percent said Biden should have continued Trump’s southern border policies, while 45 percent disagreed.

The poll also asked, “Do you think the Biden Administration executive orders on immigration encourage or discourage illegal immigration?”

A staggering sixty-eight percent said Biden’s White House is indeed encouraging illegal immigration.

Another poll released Monday also suggested 57 percent of Texan voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of the border crisis after Vice President Kamala Harris attempted to deceive Americans by claiming she traveled to the border, but in actuality she visited a site 800 miles from the actual crisis.

Democrat Rep. Henry Cuellar criticized Harris Thursday for visiting the border 800 miles from the crisis region of illegal immigrant crossings.

Cuellar told Fox News he is sure Harris’s “planners” told her it was “politically safer” to go down to El Paso rather than where the crisis is raging in the southern part of the state.

Author: Art Wrenmo