Want To See A Drag Show? Head To Your Nearest Military Base

Nellis Air Force Base, located in Nevad, may go down in history as one of the most ‘woke’ bases in the military. Why? Because they just hosted their first, and certainly not last, drag queen show last week. You may be wondering why on earth a military base would do such a thing, and honestly, so are we. Apparently, it’s to reflect all the service members’ undying commitment to be diverse and inclusive, at least that’s what a base spokesperson said.

The “Drag-u-Nellis,” as they are so lovingly calling it, happened last Thursday at the Las Vegas air base. The Pride committee of the Nellis Air Force base apparently planned the event.

The show had many features, including drag queens from all over the Las Vegas Area. Famous dragsters Makena Knight, Alexis Mateo and Coco Montrese were all present at the event. The flyer warned…er I mean… encouraged soldiers to attend and learn the significance of Drag racing within the LGBT+ Community.

The person who posted the flyer on Twitter goes by @BravoKiloActual, and is special warfare Air Force veteran, at least according the bio.

“It looks like all the airmen at the base have master ground and air combat completely, so they can take a night off to relax and enjoy watching adult men in dresses twerk; awesome!” [email protected] said in his tweet.

Critics of the show are wondering why the largest air combat training center in the United States is hosting an all-out drag show. Many twitter users reported that it is absolutely outrageous and unbelievable.

Other users went as far as to say that they were embarrassed by our country, and that while some people may think it’s okay, other find it completely disrespectful and appalling to everyone in uniform, including those in past or present.

Other users reported that they don’t mind drag shows at all, but don’t understand why the ‘woke’ agenda is being shoved down everyone’s throats in the military. They also stated that military members take an oath to serve and protect our country and constitution, not to learn or watch the history of drag.

Additionally, some users pointed out that America’s enemies are licking their lips over America’s decline, poised and ready to take us over.

The air force base responded to critics, saying that they are supportive of all events that increase inclusivity and diversity on base.

What has this country come to? It embarrassing, that’s for sure.

Author: Billy Williamson