Kamala Is In Way Over Her Head — No One Is Surprised

Kamala certainly made an embarrassment of herself on her trip to Guatemala, sparking criticism from both the right and the left, from everyone in politics, really. In fact, Sandra Smith, a Fox news host, revealed that when her contacts in the White House hear that Kamala was put in charge, they went into a full-blown panic. Why? Because everyone knew that Kamala couldn’t handle that kind of a job.

It’s no surprise that Kamala is in over her head, either. Biden made the announcement that Kamala was in charge way back in march, and it’s not almost the end of June and Kamala is just now getting to the border. Before now she’s showed basically zero interest in visiting, either. In fact, when Lester Holt, an NBC host asked her why she hadn’t been down south she was completely evasive, making some offhand comment about how she hasn’t been to Europe yet either. Followed by the signature cackle, of course.

While some people point to a possible Pseudobulbar Affect as an explanation to Kamala’s constant laughing at inappropriate moments, it’s more likely that she is suffering from something much simpler. Lack of confidence, insecurity and incompetence, just to name a few.

The word is out that everyone in the White House is having serious buyer’s remorse about Kamala landing the coveted spot of Vice President. But why the surprise?

I mean, just look at the fact. Here’s some of the ‘normal’ requirements asked of a VP running mate.

  1. The candidate should inspire confidence to the people, that he/she is capable of stepping into the President’s shoes, should that be necessary.
  2. He/She should have most of or similar values and political beliefs as the president.
  3. Voters should consider this person an asset to the president, not a drain.
  4. The state the V.P is originally from is of great consideration also.

Has she met any of these requirements? Not really. We think her inaction on her ONLY responsibility speaks for itself, but so does her blatant avoidance whenever someone asks about it.

The reality of the matter is that Joe Biden picked Kamala Harris because she is a person of color, and a woman. Two things he promised voters he would consider when picking a V.P.

Of course, Kamala is in over her head. How could she not be? She wasn’t picked because she would make a good V.P., or based on any merit. She was picked on one criteria alone. And that my friends, is racist and sexist. Something the left claims to abhor, but continues to openly practice.

Author: Bradley Watts