Democrats Tremble In Fear As Trump’s Influence Spreads Like Wildfire

Donald Trump has proven his political influence stretches far beyond national politics. The Former President has now gotten involved in a local election in his hometown of New York City.

Trump recently endorsed former GOP lawmaker Vito Fossella for New York’s Staten Island Borough President. It’s rare that a local official receive such a coveted endorsement from a former president, but Trump has vowed to elect more Republicans across the country regardless of the race.

“It is my great honor to endorse Vito Fossella for Staten Island Borough President,” Trump’s statement read.

New York Republicans on Tuesday will vote in their primary election to select a candidate for the position of Borough President.

Staten Island, one of the five major boroughs in New York City, is the only area where Republican candidates can rely on votes. Surrounded by the liberal elite by the other four boroughs, Staten Island is considered to by the most conservative area in NYC. Trump carried Staten Island by a long shot, receiving 57% of the vote in the 2020 presidential election against Joe Biden.

Trump’s involvement in a local race is somewhat unusual, but Trump has long-time ties to the city where he was born and raised, and has known Fossella for decades.

In his statement Trump gave an unusually strong endorsement, stating Fossella is “strong, tough, loves our Country and truly loves the Great People of Staten Island — a powerful voice against crime and all other things going wrong in the city that we love.”

Fossella is also backed by former Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinari.

Four candidates are vying for the Borough President job, including City Councilman Steve Matteo. Matteo has criticized Trump in the past.

“We have many people running for office who want to outdo each other on defund the police,” Fossella told reporters. “We should be refunding the police and bring these communities back to the people who make it so strong, innocent victims, not criminals, he said.”

Author: Asa McCue