Biden Makes America An International Laughing Stock – But Not For Long

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis tore President Joe Biden to pieces on Sunday after the President made America look weak on the world stage with the nation’s enemies watching.

Biden, while speaking at the G7 conference, displayed passivity and low energy – something which DeSantis pointed out is a major divergence from what Americans became used to under Trump.

“I think it’s quite a contrast from his predecessor,” DeSantis said to Fox News host Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.”

“I think that President Biden is someone that’s much more passive on the world stage, not nearly as assertive as somebody like Donald Trump was. I think his energy level is obviously much lower. And so I think that’s just something that people are sizing up. I think that our adversaries are watching that.”

“I didn’t hear very much in the way of holding China accountable for their role in covering up the origins of the COVID-19 pandemic,” he continued. “I think that’s absolutely essential that China be held accountable for their role in that, as well as any bureaucrats in the United States who may have been covering it up.”

DeSantis also pointed out that the economic policies discussed by Biden, were only going to make European elites happy – while hitting Americans at home hard.

“They were talking economically a lot about other countries, [Biden] was talking about reducing energy production worldwide, and I couldn’t help but think, here in the United States, he’s leaving a lot of people behind,” DeSantis said.

“Look at all the workers he left behind by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline. Those were thousands and thousands of very good jobs. And then also think about family budgets, with the sharp increase in gas prices, and then the overall budding inflation that we are seeing that’s being fueled by his big-spending policies. So, I think that his performance probably played well with European elites. Not sure that there was much in it for Middle America.”

In another embarrassing occurrence over the weekend, world leaders laughed at President Biden during a roundtable event where a senile Biden had to be reminded of something that had just happened moments before.

The clip, which was posted to social media, showed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson introducing world leaders who had just joined the event. In the clip, Johnson introduced South African President Cyril Ramaphosa, who was the only black leader in the room, and, after Johnson introduced him, Biden introduced the president of South Africa and pointed at him in a manner that suggested that he did not know that he had just been introduced.

“…to say how pleased I am to welcome those who have just joined us in some pretty spectacular weather,” Johnson said. “With them, Prime Minister Modi, President Ramaphosa, President Moon…”

“And the president of South Africa,” Biden interjected.

“And the president of South Africa as I said early on,” Johnson responded.

“Oh, you did?” Biden asked.

The room erupted in laughter.

Biden’s weak leadership on the global stage has left the U.S. vulnerable throughout the entire duration of his presidency – but this blatant embarrassment could have some next level ramifications on the country’s standing worldwide.

Author: Miles John