Biden Single-Handedly Causes Death Of Countless Migrants

How bad is our border crisis? Here are a few details. The U.S. government is spending hundreds of millions of dollars—not securing the border, but housing thousands of migrants each day.

The massive influx of migrants, many of whom are released into the country, will damage our jobs market. As unemployment runs out over the Summer and people (finally) start looking for work, they will discover illegal aliens have taken their jobs.

Drug trafficking has spiked, thanks to Joe Biden. Texas authorities seized enough opioids to “kill every single person in the state of New York.” And that’s just the drugs they were able to catch.

But there is another crisis associated with the out-of-control border. One that we might not always think about. Illegals themselves are victims—victims of the left’s evil attempts to exploit them. And, as it turns out, many of them are dying just to get to Joe’s open border.

President Joe Biden’s lenient immigration policies are attracting migrants from outside the Americas, who cross a dangerous Panamanian jungle to reach the U.S., a move that is reportedly resulting in the death of one out of every ten who dare take that route…

“Roughly 10 percent of migrants who journey on the 7- to 10-day walk through the inhospitable Darien jungle, which extends into Panama from Colombia, don’t survive, according to war correspondent Michael Yon. … Of those who do survive come out with some sort of injury, disease, and haven’t eaten for roughly a week—the length of time it takes to complete the trek.”

…The trek is full of dangers, with migrants getting robbed, caught up in flash floods, muddy waters, falling off cliffs, and contracting the potentially deadly yellow fever or cholera diseases. [Source: Breitbart]

Because Joe has advertised to the world that our border is open, it is attracting desperate folks from all over the world. Many enter South America, where visa rules are weak, and they make their way to Mexico. They pass through a stretch of jungle in Panama (mostly to avoid towns or places where they can be caught). But that week-long journey through the Darien Gap is deadly, with one out of every ten migrants dying.

Those who survive are usually injured or sick. In addition to the natural threats, reports suggest many women are raped and murdered.

This is all happening, because illegals foolishly believe that they will easily enter the United States. Because Joe Biden and Democrats have communicated to the world that they’d be able to enter.

Aren’t Democrats supposed to be “compassionate” people? Didn’t they accuse Trump and his border polices of being “cruel” to migrants? Yet the only time we learn of people suffering is when they risk their lives (and their children’s lives) to come here illegally.

If Democrats really cared about migrants, they wouldn’t have an open border. They would enforce our immigration laws to discourage illegal immigration. That is the only way migrants won’t risk their lives trying to slip through the cracks.

But clearly, Democrats don’t care about these people. They only want to use desperate illegal aliens as pawns in their obsession for more power.

Author: John Anderson