Anti-Trump Media Bankrupts Themselves Trying To Get Back At Him

Here’s a shocker!

James Murdoch, an heir to the Fox News fortune, spent $20 million on pro-Biden campaign groups while funneling another $100 million through his nonprofit company in support of far-left political campaigns and initiatives.

According to recent financial statements, James and his wife, Kathryn Murdoch, have spend their fortune backing liberal of Democrat-backed causes. They have funneled their donations through Quadrivium, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization the couple both control. This organization is said to be a mirror image of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which solely backs far-left charities and funds globalist initiatives.

It’s been no secret that the young Fox News heir backed Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, but the amount he spend was never revealed. The staggering $100 million + figure comes as a shock to those conservatives who view Fox News as their only mainstream option for ‘fair and balanced’ political news.

The Murdoch family is worth roughly $22 billion.

The family controls Fox News Corporation — James’ brother, Lachlan Murdoch, is CEO of Fox, the parent to Fox News.

While James’ father, 90-year-old billionaire Rupert Murdoch, and brother, Lachlan, are considered staunch Republicans, James has made known to associates that upon his father’s passing he and his more liberal sisters will control the family trust, and thereby Fox News.

Earlier this year, it was reported that James and his sisters do not plan to sell Fox News, rather transform it into an establishment media outlet, straying away from the more conservative content currently being broadcasted.

More than $25 million of James and Kathryn’s funding in 2019 went toward grants, including for several political causes, such as fighting climate change and helping voter turnout.

That was not the extent of the funding for the 2020 election cycle, a source close to the family told CNBC, speaking on the condition of anonymity.

Quadrivium had $100 million in its coffers going into 2020, the tax document showed — the same year James was CEO of 21st Century Fox before it was bought by Disney for $71 billion. He was also on the board of News Corp. at the time.

Quadrivium has committed over $43 million to radical climate activist groups since, and more than $38 million — $14 million in Quadrivium donations and $24 million in individual contributions from the couple — toward “voting rights” organizations.

Get-out-the-vote campaigns in Georgia received millions in donations from the Murdoch couple to prevent the election of two Republican Senators in the runoff elections.

James also signed onto a public statement opposing “any discriminatory legislation or measures that restrict or prevent any eligible voter from having an equal and fair opportunity to cast a ballot.”

In what was viewed as a not-so-veiled reference to Fox News, James attacked conservative media that was sympathetic to then-President Trump’s challenge of the 2020 election.

Murdoch claimed such media were “propagating lies.”

Among the sums and beneficiaries cited in the report:

  • $11 million to the Environmental Defense Fund, with which Kathryn Murdoch has been a trustee for years.
  • $2.5 million for Democracy Works Inc., a nonprofit to help register people to vote.
  • $2 million for Represent.Us, a nonprofit group that includes Hollywood elites J.J. Abrams, Michael Douglas, and Jennifer Lawrence, and works to “pass powerful state and local laws that fix our broken elections and stop political bribery.”
  • $1 million for The Brennan Center for Justice.

Author: Elizabeth Tierney