Americans Slap Biden With True Feelings On Second Amendment

Joe Biden’s recent effort to impose restrictive gun laws on law-abiding Americans with a series of new taxes, regulations, and registration requirements is failing miserably with the public. In fact, U.S. voters are sounding off about the unease with the Biden administration’s attack on their right to carry-and-conceal – a Constitutional right to protect yourself that Democrats hope to destroy.

In a new poll released just minutes before Biden broke the news about a new rule to target “AR-rife-like pistols”, Americans weren’t shy to admit what they truly thought his new measures.

The pollster’s analysis said that most voters “agreed that the Second Amendment to the Constitution should also encompass the right to carry a concealed gun. A majority of voters supported concealed carry as a part of the Second Amendment in all regions.”

The poll, one of a series he released through Secrets this week, is the first to find support for concealed carry laws to be added to the Second Amendment.

The conservative-majority Supreme Court is also considering a New York ban on concealed carry licenses while the current administration eyes different approaches to impose new gun laws. Biden’s current tactic is to target certain gun types, like AR-15’s or “assault rifles” in an effort to eventually ban all guns one-by-one.

Concealed carry has become a hot-button issue as some liberal states move to limit the issuance of permits, though a majority do. And in Washington, there are several efforts in the House and the Senate to approve national “reciprocity” for permit-holders to travel between states with their concealed weapons.

The survey is likely to be seized upon by the authors of the legislation.

It also confirmed a trend seen in gun stores of many more buyers, including women, black people, and minorities, getting handguns to protect themselves as crime increases.

Author: Nolan Sheridan